Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby B: 4 month check-in

Holy cow! Where does the time go? I know I haven't updated The Barney Blog except for once since little Baby B arrived, but (our new) life is finally starting to feel normal again. So here's the monthly check-in. Blake is now 4 months old and her little personality is really starting to shine through. At the doctor today, she's weighed 14lbs 7 oz, was 23 3/4" inches long and has a head circumference for 42 1/4 cm. Not sure what any of that means, but basically she's right in the middle for height and weight and is close to the 90th percentile for head size. Oh how we love our little bobblehead!

She's a pretty good sleeper and will sleep about 10 hours a night (which she's thankfully been doing since week 7) and occasionally will wake up chattering in the middle of the night. That only happens about once a week and most of the time we sleep through it. She also rarely wakes up crying in the morning. We only know she's awake because she'll be talking up a storm on the monitor and most of the time I sleep through that! She's always happy to see us in the morning is pretty patient waiting for her morning bottle.

Speaking of bottles, she's up to about 34 oz of formula a day. Basically one 8.5oz bottle every 4.5-5 hours. We keep her on a pretty tight schedule with the feedings and the doctor wants us to start on solids pretty soon. I'm thinking later this week she'll get her first taste of rice cereal.

She loves to spend time in her jumper and is constantly laughing and talking to us. She loves snuggling with a soft cloth and her paci. Overall she's super mellow and will only complain if she's hungry or tired.

Some new accomplishments for her -- she seems to like holding her bottle when it's not too full and heavy and drinking a teeny bit from her sippy cup. We gave it to her for the first time yesterday and she went nuts trying to get the water out of it. She'll also roll over occasionally, but only if she's in the mood. Quite the diva about it actually.

She drools a ton, which the doctor relates to her "thinking" about her teeth starting to pop through.

Other than that, we've been blessed with a happy, healthy, content little munchkin. We're having such fun! More updates as I remember them