Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 9

  • Sleep: My sleep is starting to regulate, which is great.  I still get super tired around 8:30pm, but I usually stay up until around 11pm.  But the mornings are much more difficult for me to get out of bed and I get scared if you tell me I have to get up early.
  • Exercise: Met with the nurse this week and exercise is a go.  Back to walking 40 min-1hour a few times a week and I'll add in some light weights.  The one walk I've had since going to the doctor made me feel great, but definitely felt more like exercise than it normally does.
  • Cravings: Must have skim milk everyday and for the most part any real cravings I've been having recently are for healthy foods like salad...I can't get enough salad.  I'm not interested in anything fried or super heavy.  Also, I was once totally opposed to sweets.  Now the tables have turned and I love them!  Especially anything cinnamon-sugar.
  • Weight: I'm up about 2 lbs from my normal weight, but my weight usually moved in a 5lb range quite often.  And by normal weight, I mean where I was when I got knocked up, which is def at least 10 lbs heavier than I'm used to being.
  • Pregnancy Symptom I'm not loving: Tight pants and nausea.  Both which occur after eating.
  • What I am looking forward to: Moving in to double-digit weeks.
  • Think it's funny that: I have no interest in looking at or purchasing baby stuff...yet.  I know that will change, but let's get out of the first tri and learn the baby's sex...then we'll shop til we drop.
  • Favorite Moment this week: Hearing bean's heartbeat.  I wish DB had been there for it, but it was definitely the best moment of being prego so far.  The nurse was shocked she heard it so early, but the little guy had a strong beat of 160. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 8!

  • Sleep: Well this is interesting.  Of course, per ussss, I'm tired a lot, but I've been suffering from a bit of pregnancy insomnia
  • Exercise: A bit more active, but not up to where I want to be.  Should know more after talking to the doc next week
  • Cravings: Still loving the skim milk.  Today I wanted both pickles and peanut butter. 
  • Pregnancy Symptom I'm not loving: The insomnia is my def least fav.  But I'm also not loving the pregnancy pimples that seem to be popping up.
  • What I am looking forward to: Little bean's first check-in/up on Monday!
  • Think it's funny that: I got such a strong reaction from the first friend I shared the news with.  She was in total shock, but of course is super excited and can't wait to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the little bean.
  • Favorite Moment this week: Just kinda enjoying the bean and talking about him (or her!) with my family.  We're excited to graduate from the embryo phase into the fetus phase!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 6, 7 and 1/2!

I was traveling all last week in Canada, so I wasn't able to chronicle how I was feeling/doing, but to bring ya up to speed

  • Sleep: I'm still tired A LOT.  Probably the one symptom that is really persistent and I regularly feel hungover.
  • Exercise: Still waiting for official OK, but I did a ton of walking on the mean streets of Toronto
  • Cravings: Nothing specific, but I've noticed the actual sight or thought of some foods makes me nauseous.  And actually I've been craving glasses and glasses of skim milk!
  • Pregnancy Symptom I'm not loving: Still the exhaustion and the bloating.  I've pretty much been super bloated since day 1, but it's now effecting the way my pants button.  No fun.
  • What I am looking forward to: Telling friends about the little bean.  I've still only shared the news with our closest family
  • Think it's funny that: Some of my friends are starting to look at me suspiciously.  Not because I'm plumpy, but because I won't join them in their usual wine drinking.  This has been the HARDEST part of keeping it secret.
  • Favorite Moment this week: We saw little bean's heartbeat this morning, which was a strong 170! Doc also said I'm now about 5 days further than he thought, but we're keeping the due date the same, so technically, I'm 7-8 weeks along today.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 5 - again.

Let me explain.  I'm not rehashing last week.  We found out this week that we're a few days off on our calculations, so Barney Bean is actually 5 weeks, this week!.
  • Sleep: Still tired and I plan to be for awhile.
  • Exercise: Waiting for the OK from my doctor.  Will probably take it easy until week 8.
  • Cravings: Started with nothing and hating all things sweet, but last night I had to have frozen yogurt for dinner, so go figure.
  • Pregnancy Symptom I'm not loving: The nausea and the utter exhaustion.  Oh, and I'm definitely crankier than usual
  • What I am looking forward to: actually getting to week 6! geez come on already
  • Think it's funny that: I'll now be having a Cinco de Mayo baby - names we're considering: Margarita, Guadalupe, Jesus and Juan
  • Favorite Moment this week: Seeing the little Barney Bean at our first ultrasound.  He's cute even though he looks like a little egg and is teeny as can be.  

gratuitous belly shot...don't I look thrilled